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Dr. Jennifer wilson (dr. Jenny) a specialist in age-related cognitive decline is passionate about brain health. Dr. Jenny has conducted research on risk factors associated with parkinson's disease; differences in cognitive performance between depression and dementia, and her doctoral thesis examined what aspects of memory were most predictive of alzheimer's disease.

Dr. Jenny has presented findings at numerous national and international conferences, and she has systematically reviewed hundreds of papers on aging and abnormal aging. Dr. Jenny is well qualified to recognize what we can do to preserve optimum brain function and avoid the risk of dementia.

Dr. Jenny turned to the discipline of preventative medicine after years of working with people suffering from incurable neuro-degenerative diseases and dementia. Dr. Jenny’s extensive experience on brain health and cognitive processes led her to establish mysharpmind ltd company, which advocates brain fitness not brain illness.

“by understanding factors involved in cognitive decline we can develop alternative strategies to halt, reverse, and even improve cognitive performance.”

The mysharpmind ltd. Company adopts an integrative and preventative approach to brain health. Ethics and evidence-based research are core values. Mysharpmind ltd. Provides scientifically proven recommendations and techniques to help people reduce the risk of disease, enjoy a sharper mind, and benefit from a healthier brain and body!

Dr. Jenny is a chartered psychologist and holds a phd in psychology from university of wales, bangor (special focus on cognitive aging and neuro-degenerative disease). As well as a msc. In psychology and health from stirling university, scotland (home to the internationally renowned dementia services development centre).

To learn more about stirling university's world-class centre for dementia visit: http://www.Dementia.Stir.Ac.Uk To learn more about uwb dementia centre visit http://dsdc.Bangor.Ac.Uk

Dr. Jenny is a board certified heath practitioner in anti-aging and a member of the american academy of anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Dr. Jenny is dedicated to furthering her knowledge base of anti-aging and preventative medicine. She has completed numerous cme hours as well as a diploma in nutrition (distinction) and certificates in environmental medicine and herbal medicine.

Before establishing mysharpmind ltd dr. Jenny held positions at university of wales, and liverpool hope university, where she obtained tenure. She was part of the research team at king’s centre of military health research (kcmhr) london; the leading civilian centre of excellence for military health research in the uk.

Dr. Jenny is also a committed volunteer and active member in the community initiating several respite projects for older adults and care-givers. The brain is the most valuable tool we have. We are our brain! Contact dr. Jenny drjeny@mysharpmind.Com to find out how you can keep your mind sharp, reduce the risk of disease, achieve a more balanced mental outlook, and be at the top of your game in the workplace!


  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
  • American Psychological Society.
  • British Psychological Society.
  • Integrative Health Practitioner.


Getting older is inevitable: Aging is not!

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Imagine if you can stop the aging clock and rejuvenate your mind?! Scientific Advances and a better understanding of disease risk factors means this is possible. At Mysharpmind Ltd. we can help put that youthful zing back in your life.

Hello, I’m Dr. Jenny, founder of Mysharpmind Ltd. and specialist in cognitive aging and age-related disease. I believe everyone deserves to live a healthier, happier life. Maintaining a youthful you is achievable for everyone and not just the “rich and famous”.

I spent many years working with people suffering from incurable neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. In investigating what goes wrong with the aging process, I learned how damage can be minimised and the age related decline diminished.

Through extensive research and training I have developed scientifically proven strategies and techniques that can help you reduce the risk of disease, enjoy a sharper mind and a healthier brain and body!

The aging process and what causes aging is highly complex. Even within the scientific community there are many theories attributing aging to our genes, endocrine system, exposure to toxins, accumulation of damage, and general wear and tear. Unfortunately, there is no ‘magic bullet’ to prevent aging but with the right programme we can protect against aging and regain our youthful energy.

How Mysharpmind can help you protect against dementia and slow down the aging process.

Several options are offered to help you reach your goal. Consultation, attending a key note speech, a brain spa day, or a weekend bootcamp.

INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION : If you are concerned about memory loss or aging, if are a caregiver to someone with dementia or just want to stay ahead of your game. We offer private one-on-one consultation with specific recommendations. We offer these face-to-face, skype or email. You are free to choose the most appropriate for you depending on your circumstances or budget.

KEY NOTE SPEECH (upcoming) :

Science: NOT Snake oil : Join Dr. Jenny for an afternoon debate discussing which supplements out there work and which are a waste of money.
2hr talk: Light refreshments included. Various locations.

Senior Moment or sign of something serious?: If you have concerns about memory loss for yourself or someone you know don’t miss this! Dr. Jenny will identify warning signs of dementia, top tips to improve memory, and practical strategies to help reduce the risk of cognitive decline.
2hr talk: Light refreshments included. Various locations.

BRAIN SPA DAY : Learn about the different aging theories. What happens to the brain as we age. Why an integrative approach to health is important and how we can make proactive choices to maintain physical and mental wellness.
One full day healthy refreshments included, various locations.


101: Maintaining your Brain Health : Using principles of Neuroscience and Integrative medicine to combat age-related Cognitive decline
Join Dr. Jenny and expert guests for the weekend as we learn about, and put into practice a complete plan for healthy aging. The weekend will leave you rejuvenated and revitalized and renewed. Weekend retreat: materials, healthy food, goody bags included. Various locations, limited places.

BONUS OFFER : on Brain Spa day and Brain Bootcamps: Personalised follow up consultation at reduced price.

BONUS OFFER : on Brain Bootcamps: Bring a friend and receive a reduction in cost of accommodation. Also receive loyalty discount on follow up bootcamps.


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Please feel free to get in touch I am here to help.

If you are interested in attending a brain spa day, brain bootcamp, or personalised consultation, Please use the contact form below.

If you have a question about aging please send me an email and I include it in the Ask Dr. Jenny column. I’d love to hear from you!